After 10 years of renovation, the new brewery is the most recent use of the Château du Capitaine Royal (the majority of the building remains as a private residence). Dating from the 15th century, it was originally built as the residence of the governor of Grésigne; the old castle was dismantled under the treaty of Meaux-Paris of 1229. Subsequently, it has undergone many transformations and uses: as an orphanage, a shed for animals (without roof), and housing a ceramics oven - among others!


Our equipment can produce up to 5Hl (500 liters) of beer per brew that is carefully fermented in temperature-controlled cylindro-conical tanks.

Who are we ?

Becoming increasingly passionate about beer brewing over the last years, Susan and Nick NIMMY (IT consultants by profession) decided to set up their own micro-brewery – in the space where Susan had intended to have an American kitchen. Equipped with a "Brewery Operator" diploma from the University of La Rochelle, we are slowly increasing our production - always in very small quantities with the main focus being on the quality of our beer.